Presentation instructions


A computer will be available in each room for presentations. Presenters are requested to bring their presentation on a USB disk (Pdf format).


The time available for each presentation, including discussant’s comments (5 min) and general discussion (5 min), is 30 minutes.


Presenters are invited to come to the room 5 minutes prior the start of the session, so that presentations can be copied onto the computer before the session starts.

Each presenter will be discussing a paper.


Chairs are invited to come in the room 5 minutes prior to the start of the session. They introduce the session and the presenters. They make sure that the time available is equally divided over presenters and guide the general discussion.


Discussants are expected to provide a brief discussion, focusing on specific questions, in order to leave sufficient time for the general discussion with participants.

The last presenter in the session discusses the first paper, the first presenter the 2nd paper, the second presenter the third paper, and in 4-paper sessions, the third presenter the fourth paper.

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